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Photo Printer Ink

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Photo Printer Ink Cartridges
Posted: Dec. 21, 2013

With the advanced features offered on todays inkjet printers there is really no reason to leave home to get lab quality photos that you can share with your friends and family.

You can get brilliant colors to bring your photos to life. In addition, these printed photos will last for years.

To get the best photos from your printer make sure your printer is set to the highest quality for the paper that you are using. Set the printer for quality and not for speed.

Also, use inkjet photo paper and glossy photo paper will give you even better results. No matter what else you do, the quality of your photo won't exceed the quality of your paper used.

You will also want to use quality ink. If you can use an ink cartridge that matches your printer brand. Ink colors beyond the regular four (cyan, magenta, black and yellow) may print some things like the blue sky better.

Another tip when printing your photos is to let them dry for at least 24 hours before putting them under glass or plastic or before stacking them.

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Posted: Dec. 21, 2013

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